Experience the Best in Executive Coaching & Organizational Development

At BGH, we provide our clients with executive coaching, organizational development, career coaching, and leadership development strategies that work. We partner with you and help you bring out your very best and cultivate exceptional performance in the face of constant change.

Why BGH Executive Coaching/Consulting?

We're skilled at dealing with complex issues, we have deep experience in senior leadership roles, and we've been trained in the field of organizational development and community mental health. We approach your situation from a systemic perspective with a focus on measuring progress along the way—progress that will impact your bottom line. Not only that, but we really love what we do!

Effective Teamwork—How We Work With You:

First and foremost, we believe in collaboration. It's never a one-way conversation when you work with BGH Executive Coaching/Consulting. We care about what you think. Our goal is to help you:

  • Strengthen your natural leadership capabilities
  • Ensure your business maintains strategic momentum
  • Sustain your company's competitive advantage

We accomplish this goal by:

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Our work with BGH Executive Coaching/Consulting began at a challenging time for our business. While we had achieved great business success in our 8 years, we were beginning to experience the kind of growth changes that can turn even a successful company upside down.

BGH helped us face our challenges head on and turn them into new opportunities for growth and development. With their expertise and insight, we have become more effective leaders and harnessed the potential of our senior management team. By empowering them to make decisions, we can refocus our energy toward moving our company forward. We are in a much better position to create lasting value and sustain growth and performance over time.

They are powerful coaches who know how to bring out the best in people and help them have those "courageous conversations" that strengthen their interpersonal and management skills.

Jennifer Gulbrand & Evelyn Nichols
Managing Partners/Co-Founders
Informa Training Partners